Samsung Verizon celulares y Smartphones


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Samsung Verizon Cell Phones and Smartphones

Finding the right phone is an important step toward making the most of your Verizon wireless plan. Samsung and Verizon frequently partner together in releasing new and exclusive models specially designed for this network. As a result, Verizon users often have more choices when it comes to Samsung cell phones.

What Verizon cell phones can you choose?

Finding the right cell phone will rely on many factors, including your sense of style and your personal needs. Verizon wireless plans include a broad range of Samsung phones suited for almost any purpose.

  • Classic Flip Cell Phones: Classic phones have a flip shape that allows you turn the phone on and off by opening or closing it. Smart flip phones usually come with keyboards as well as number pads for dialing. A classic option like the U365 may be a good fit if you'd like a basic Verizon plan to make and answer calls. Flip phones also work well in more rugged conditions, such as for outdoor work or play. If you'd like a sturdy smartphone you can wear on your hip during work, phones like the Convoy can be a good fit.
  • Touchscreen Smartphones: Touchscreen smartphones such as the Galaxy S series let you make calls, type, and draw with your finger or touchscreen pen. These smartphones are designed for high-speed wireless access via both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. In addition, the smartphones support HD streaming video and a broad range of Android apps.
  • Phablet Size Phones: Samsung's largest smartphone, the Note series, combines a larger than usual screen with a detachable S-pen. These two tablet-like features have led this model to be called a phablet. This term can also apply to other large smartphones like the Galaxy Grand Prime.
  • Color: Most Samsung models come in multiple colors, usually including light and dark options. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in three color options. From darkest to lightest, they are midnight black, orchid gray, and arctic silver.

Does Verizon allow unlocked phones?

Most Verizon Wireless plans allow you to bring your own phone to their wireless network. Verizon has a CDMA-based, high-speed LTE wireless network. This means that you can bring any CDMA or LTE unlocked phone and use it with your high-speed plan. In addition, Verizon has a number of Samsung models made specifically for their network. Verizon Wireless options include models such as the Convoy flip phone and early access to certain Samsung Galaxy models.