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Getting the Most Out of Your SanDisk 64 GB USB Flash Drives

A flash drive is a small, portable storage drive that connects directly into your computer via a USB port. Because it is an electronic drive with no moving parts, it is durable and can be used on the go. Data on SanDisk USB flash drives can be written, erased, and rewritten to its GB of storage memory thousands of times.

How do you use a USB SanDisk flash drive?

USB thumb drives require no accessories, so they can be inserted directly into your computer's USB port. Next, your operating system will detect the flash drive via USB and will assign it a drive letter. When you see this new drive letter, you can double click on the letter for the flash drive and see how many GB of memory storage is available. Following this, you may treat it as if it were any other attached drive and copy or move your files to the GB of memory on the flash drive when it's plugged in via USB. When finished, eject the flash drive and physically remove it from the USB port.

What are some advantages of USB SanDisk flash drives?

A SanDisk USB flash drive features a form-factor design and also comes packaged with security software that will keep your files safe from prying eyes. SanDisk SecureAccess on their USB connected flash drives enables you to drag selected files to a special folder that will require you to provide a password. The files are protected with 128-bit AES encryption stored in the GB of RAM on the flash drive, and it uses a secure algorithm kept on the flash drive to safeguard your password. This also protects any files stored in the GB of the flash drive's memory. Some thumb drive options from SanDisk include a USB SanDisk Ultra Fit, SanDisk Cruzer Blade, and SanDisk Extreme.

What are some of the uses of USB SanDisk flash drives?

In addition to safeguarding copies of your critical file data, the SanDisk USB flash drive can be used to do the following:

  • Run a separate operating system: Some operating systems are small enough that you can try them out by running them directly from the memory on a USB thumb drive with as little as 64 GB of storage.
  • Portable software: Similarly, you can run some software programs like browsers and games directly from a SanDisk USB flash drive and take your current versions of these programs and files with you on the go. This is an especially useful feature if you are using a public computer.
  • Run anti-virus software: If your main computer has been attacked by a virus, it may be difficult to use the computer to rid itself of the virus. Running anti-virus software directly from the GB of storage on a SanDisk USB flash drive can speed up this process or give you a more thorough scan.
  • Boost your running speed: Some operating systems will read an empty flash drive connected via USB as added GB of RAM, possibly helping to boost your computer's speed.
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