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What You Need to Know About Satellite Finders

When positioning a satellite dish you want to get the clearest reception possible. To do this, you need a satellite finder. There are a lot of satellite finders on eBay, so let's look at what you need to know when purchasing a satellite finder.

How do you use a satellite finder?

A satellite finder is used by connecting a coaxial cable from the satellite dish to the finder. The dish satellite dish is loosened enough to move, and then moved slowly around until the finder shows maximum signal strength. There are digital and analog meters available. With analog meters, there may be some additional adjustments necessary to properly find the strongest satellite signal. See the manufacturer's site for more details.

How do you choose a satellite finder?

When choosing a satellite finder there are several things you should look for. You will need to consider your specific circumstances and needs to find your ideal meter. The things you should look for include:

  • Analog or digital - You will want to decide if you prefer working with analog or digital meters. Digital offers more convenience when searching for a satellite but costs more than analog does. You will need to decide what your purposes are and how often you will use it to decide which is right for you.
  • Network compatibility - Not all satellite finders work with all networks. For instance, you may purchase a meter that only works with DIRECTV or only works with Dish network. Be sure to purchase a finder that works with the network you are using.
  • Connection types - You may want to print reports from your meter. To do so you will need the ability to connect to a computer. Check that the meter you are interested in has the proper connections for computers.
  • Accessories - Does the meter you are looking at come with a storage bag or neck strap? If not, you may want to purchase those separately on eBay.
  • Size - How big do you want your meter to be? Smaller ones tend to have less features, but are easier to carry around with you than larger ones.
What is a satellite finder?

A satellite finder is a meter that specializes in helping to position a satellite dish to receive the clearest signal and therefore the strongest television reception. They are designed to use directly with your satellite dish instead of using your television set to check your signal strength.