Science Diet Dog Food

Hills Science Diet Dog Food

Hills Science Diet Dog Food is made to be nutritionally balanced component of your pets diet. Science Diet features ingredients such as chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, whole grain corn, whole grain sorghum, whole grain wheat, and vegetables. Hills Science Diet Dog Food is available in many different forms, including dry dog food and wet, so depending on the age and dietary needs of your dog, you can check for the appropriate one.

Does Hills Science make dog food for different ages?

You can choose a bag of dog food tailored to the specific age of your pet, and here are the categories Hills Science Diet Dog Food comes in:

  • Puppy: Puppies have higher calorie needs to aid in their growth. Also, their teeth and digestive systems have not fully matured, so their food must be easy to chew and digest. Hills Science Diet Puppy options are designed to address these special needs of your puppy.
  • Adult 1-6: Young adult dogs are usually active and may need more calories than their older counterparts. However, their teeth and digestive systems are fully developed, so they can handle more texture in their food. Hills Science Diet Adult 1-6 is made to address these needs of your young adult dog.
  • Adult 7-10: Mature dogs need fewer calories than they did when they were younger. Hills Science Diet Adult 7-10 is formulated to meet the low calorie but nutritional needs of the mature dog.
  • Adult 11+: Older dogs need even fewer calories, and their joints and bones need additional support. An older dog needs food that is easy to chew and digest. Hills Science Diet Adult 11+ is designed to provide special support for your older dog.
What are the brands options for special dietary needs?
  • Larger breed: Larger breeds need additional calories, and their food should come in bigger bites than average-sized dogs.
  • Small and toy breed: These breeds need small bites as well as fewer calories than their average-sized pet counterparts.
  • Grain free: Some dogs have issues digesting grains. Hills Science Diet Dog Food comes in grain-free options made for digestibility for those dogs.
  • Pregnant: Pregnant dogs have different nutritional needs that special formulations that the brand makes food for.
  • Overweight: Hills Science Diet Dog Food offers a variety of small bites and lower calorie pet foods for dogs that are less active or otherwise need to lose weight.
  • Sensitive stomach and skin: There are special formulas for pets with special digestion and skin allergy issues. These dog foods are formulated to be digestible and to not aggravate skin allergies.
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