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Simplicity Garden Snow Blowers

A snow blower is a machine that is used to clear streets and sidewalks of snow and ice. They are used in locations where winter storms regularly occur. The Simplicity Manufacturing Company builds lawn and garden equipment, and it offers a variety of snow blowers for your removal needs.

What are single-stage and two-stage snow blowers?
  • Single-stage: This Simplicity snow blower has an engine that spins an auger. It then scoops snow and forces it out the top of the blower through the chute. These units can be used for level, paved surfaces, including driveways and sidewalks. These models handle about a foot of snow at a time in around 19- to 20-inch passes
  • Two-stage: Simplicity snow blowers incorporate a fanlike impeller, which spins quickly and helps force the snow out of the chute. This machine is built to handle heavier snowfalls. These Simplicity units have more powerful self-drive features, making them better for hilly areas or steep inclines. Two-stage units work for driveways with gravel because the auger does not touch the ground, preventing the gravel from being picked up. These Simplicity units can also handle larger amounts of snow, sometimes up to 2 feet in height and nearly 4 feet in width.
What is Simplicity's SnowShredder serrated auger?

Some Simplicity snow blowers incorporate their specialized SnowShredder auger, which utilizes multiple serrated steel surfaces. The sharpness of the blades removes ice and snow to reveal a clear driveway and sidewalk. Simplicity's SnowShredder also works on the ice walls that are left by plows when they clear the streets.

What features are offered on Simplicity snow blowers?

Several features are offered, including:

  • Power Boost: Simplicity's Power Boost system is available on some of the brand’s two-stage machines, and it is designed to self-adjust to the depth and the density of the snow. Then, the system automatically adjusts the power of the auger and impeller, optimizing your unit's clearing ability in all conditions.
  • Easy Turn: Simplicity's Easy Turn technology allows you to maneuver your way around even tough curves and corners with ease. Certain Simplicity models have a trigger on the handle, which can be pulled to stop the power to one of the wheels while maintaining it in the other, allowing you to complete turns up to 180 degrees.
  • Heated hand grips: Some Simplicity snow blowers come with heated hand grips included, allowing you to cover your hands on those cold days.
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