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Sitka Gear: A Buyers Guide

Sitka Gear offers a line of pants, shirts, jackets, and other outerwear gear to outfit men and women for hunting trips or other outdoor activities. Sitkas specialized patterns help keep you concealed. Find a wide variety of Sitka Gear on eBay.

What technologies does Sitka Gear offer?
  • Gore-Tex: This is breathable material for pants, jackets, and other clothes.
  • Gore Optifade: This material technology uses scientific research on animal vision to disguise the hunter.
  • Gore Windstopper: Sitka jackets use Windstopper to guard against cold winds.
  • PrimaLoft: With ultra-fine fibers, these Sitka Gear products provide an insulating layer for use in cold conditions.
  • Polygiene: Silver salts embedded in these Sitka clothes help to neutralize odors.
How do you select a color scheme for your camouflage?

Sitka offers different lines of Optifade camouflage patterns. Each is named for the type of hunting for which it is designed.

  • Whitetail: A brown and gray pattern, it is available in mens and womens jackets, pants, and other clothes.
  • Big Game Subalpine - This is a brown and green Optifade pattern. It is available in mens and womens garments and gear.
  • Big Game Open Country: A gray pattern, Open Country is offered in mens jackets and clothes.
  • Waterfowl Marsh: This is a brown Optifade pattern. Sitka produces mens shirts, pants, and other gear items in this line.
  • Waterfowl Timber: A brown and gray pattern that is similar in color to Whitetail, it is available only in the mens line.
What fits does Sitka Gear offer?

Choose the fit of your Sitka Gear based on the circumstances in which you will use the clothing.

  • Performance Fit (P/F): This close cut is used when you dont need to add layers under your garment.
  • Standard Fit (S/F): This slightly loose cut has room for an additional Sitka layer underneath.
  • Expedition Fit (E/F): This roomy cut leaves space to add multiple layers of clothing for cold-weather activities.
How durable are Sitka Gear items?

Sitka Gear is quite durable, especially if it is properly cared for. It is essential to follow all guidelines to get the longest use of Sitka items. Most Sitka Gear jackets and clothes can be machine-washed. Down and merino wool clothes may require different care, particularly for drying. They are machine-washable, but you should consult your garment tag for specific instructions. The Sitka Gear pack needs to be on its frame and can be cleaned in the shower or using the rinse setting at a manual car wash. Typically, warm water and soap will provide the cleaning needed to maintain the life of the garment, as long as the detergent used is approved for use with hunting gear.

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