Mens Snowmobile Jackets & Suits

Hitting the snow on a snowmobile is a favorite sport of many outdoorsmen. Its fun to get out and fly over the snow, but it does require the right type of men’s snowmobile clothing. You dont want to ruin your day or have to cut it short because you got wet and cold. To keep you warm all day while out and about you need clothing that is comfortable while keeping you warm. You need to start with a base layer that maintains a comfortable body temperature. The next layer needs to insulate the body, and the top layer, aka men’s snowmobile jackets, needs to be robust, strong, and most of all, waterproof. 

Suit Up
It isnt just about the jacket. Before you head out on the snowmobile you need to know the clothing options available to wear including thermal underwear, bibs, pants, hats, and gloves. Mens snowmobile suits keep you warm, comfortable, dry, and safe. The bib style clothing gives you an extra layer of clothing on your chest, plus the way the jacket overlaps the bibs helps to keep snow out and body heat in.

Keep the Snow Out
All waterproof jackets are not made equal. The best ones to look for are Gore Tex or Thinsulate jackets. The reason is that they offer warmth, are lightweight, and have superior breathability qualities. Look at the seams and make sure they are sealed seams which improve the waterproof properties. One last thing to look for when picking out your new coat is ventilation openings underneath the armpits. This opening helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Head to Toe
When spending time out in the snow, you need to make sure your entire body is covered in men’s snowmobile gear. Heat leaves your body via your head, so make sure you have a high-quality hat that covers not only your head but comes down low enough to cover your ears. Avoid frostbite by wearing warm gloves, winter socks, and waterproof shoes. All these accessories need to pair with your jacket. You dont want any gaps in your clothing that might allow snow to get under your clothing.