Soccer Goals & Nets

All About Soccer Goals and Nets

As integral to the game as the ball itself, an appropriately sized soccer goal and net helps you keep track of both the score and the ball, ensuring its not lost after being kicked into the other side. eBay offers an extensive variety of new and used soccer goals and nets in a variety of sizes and from several brands.

What are soccer goals made from?

While major soccer organizations put several requirements on dimensions, only FIFA has any requirements on what a goal must be made from. This organization allows wood, metal, or any number of other approved materials. Additionally, the NFHS mentions but does not require metal in its rule book. Commercially available goals are often made from PVC pipes, though other materials like wood and metal are not uncommon.

As far as the netting goes, soccer nets are primarily made from three different materials:

  • Polyethylene Monofilament - A type of strong yarn, this is a common kind of net material.
  • Nylon - Nylon can easily accommodate for different sizes and thicknesses while also being fairly strong and long lasting.
  • High Tenacity Polypropylene - These nets can stand up to abuse and deal better with long exposure to the sun and the elements, making them great for outdoor soccer.
How big should a soccer goal be?

Unlike with the material, several major soccer organizations have stipulations regarding the size of a soccer goal.

  • FIFA - FIFA requires that the distance between the goalposts be 8 yards and 8 feet from top to bottom. Additionally, the length of the goalposts and crossbar must be the same and not exceed 5 inches.
  • NCAA - The NCAA requires the same dimensions as FIFA, with goalposts 8 yards apart and 8 feet tall. The posts and crossbar must be at least 4 inches thick but cannot exceed 5 inches.
  • NFHS - The NFHS requirements mirror those of FIFA but also add that metal goalposts can be between 3 and 4 inches.
  • US Youth Soccer - The US Youth Soccer official rules separate soccer goal size based on age groups. Players age 6 to 10 must use soccer goals measuring 6 by 18 feet or smaller while those age 12 must use goals measuring exactly 6 by 18 feet. For those 14 and older, goals 8 by 24 feet must be used.
  • AYSO - The American Youth Soccer Organization has its own rules on soccer goal dimensions, also separated by age group. Six-year-olds must play with a goal 4 by 6 feet, but it can be replaced by four large cones spaced 6 feet apart in groups of two. For those age 8, a goal must be 6 by 18 feet. 10-year-olds will play with one sized at 7 by 21 feet, while 12 and older play with goals 8 by 24 feet. Additionally, jamboree games will use the same dimensions as the 6-year-old age group, but with only two cones instead of four.
What brands make soccer goals?

There are several brands that make soccer goals. A few of the ones youll find on eBay include:

  • PUGG
  • Kwik Goal
  • Bownet
  • SKLZ
  • Franklin Sport

There are also an extensive variety of unbranded soccer goals to choose from as well.