What to Look for in an AMD Socket 462/A Motherboard

Most people don't think about their ASRock brand computer motherboards until it's time for a replacement or an upgrade. AMD is an American multinational semiconductor company that offers motherboard chip sets for servers, workstations, and PCs. Here's what you need to know to find the motherboard that's right for your AMD central processing unit.

What is the difference between Socket A and Socket 462?

This is the same socket. Some refer to it as Socket A and others call it Socket 462, but it is one and the same. It is called Socket 462 because it has exactly 462 pins. Central processing unit (CPU) sockets are designed to work specifically with certain processors. Socket A is designed for use with AMD processors. Socket A is on the motherboard, and its function is to hold the processor in place. It is important to select the right CPU for the motherboard as well as the chip-set array you are purchasing.

What is the RAM capacity?

Not only should you learn how much RAM your motherboard currently has installed, but you should also be aware of the capacity to expand the CPU memory, should you desire to do so. While some motherboards have empty slots to accommodate additional memory sticks, others are already at full capacity.

Which version of Windows is your computer running?

This is an important question to answer before you purchase a new motherboard. Make sure you know which operating system your computer is running and how any change to Socket 462 or the motherboard may affect the installation. Some operating systems you may see include:

  • Windows 98.
  • Windows XP.
  • Windows 8.
  • No OS installed.

When should you replace the motherboard?

It depends. Some people buy a new computer when their motherboards fail. Others elect to replace boards or processors as part of a CPU upgrade. If you are replacing your motherboard, it might also be a good time to increase the RAM GB capacity. Different boards have different socket arrays designed for different components. Some motherboards have more RAM slots than others do. It just depends on your particular needs.

What is the difference between AMD and Asus?

AMD is a brand of CPU, while Asus is a brand of computer. You may purchase this brand of processor for your Asus computer. More important than branding, though, is whether the components and sockets you are putting together are compatible with the processor.

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