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Stay Entertained with Sonos Home Speakers and Subwoofers

Playing music at home can improve the overall atmosphere whether youre just hanging out on your own or with friends or family. If you want to be able to play music from a variety of sources on your home speakers, you can set up a wireless connection. Sonos is one company that makes affordable wireless home speakers and subwoofers.

Can you connect speakers to an entertainment system?

There are several products that you can use when watching TV or movies. You can also use these items to stream songs through various music services or to play music that youve already downloaded. A soundbar or soundbase can be placed right in front of or next to your TV. Depending on the model, there may be multiple drivers located throughout the unit to give more dimension to the audio. Some soundbars are compatible with Amazon Alexa or AirPlay, and some can be mounted on a wall. In many cases, the bar does connect through one cable to the television. Additional speakers may be able to connect to the soundbar wirelessly.

Are there speakers of different qualities?

In terms of the ability to deliver crisp, clear sound, there are many choices. Basic wireless speakers are built to produce powerful audio and they can be compact enough to fit anywhere, such as on a bookshelf or kitchen counter. The AMP functions as a standalone speaker that can go inside or outside, and it comes with its own built-in amplifier.

More advanced speakers will usually have stronger bass capabilities. In general, larger speakers are better able to deliver more power at lower frequencies. If you really wish to showcase the bass notes, you can enhance your system with a subwoofer. A sub can then take care of the bass while the other speakers in your setup handle the mid- and high-range frequencies. This communication and adjustment is all done automatically.

How do you control these types of units?

There are a few different ways you can control playback. Options could include:

  • Manual control buttons: These are usually on their top panels.
  • Voice controls: Some speakers are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Applications: Speakers connected via Wi-Fi to a phone or tablet can be adjusted through device-specific apps.
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