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Protect your Camera Lenses Using Sony 49mm Camera Lens Caps

Lens caps are an important accessory for your camera lenses. There are a few caps that you will use on your camera, so it is important to know what you need. Various features are available for you to protect your camera and enjoy convenience.

What does a lens cap do?

Whether your lens is mounted to your Sony camera or it is inside of your camera bag, you need the lens caps to provide protection. When you aren't viewing scenery or people, the front lens cap needs to be covering the glass so that nothing gets scratched or smudged. The rear lens cap will also prevent the lens from getting bent or damaged with dust and other particles.

How does a lens cap fit onto a lens?

Sony 49mm camera lens caps fit onto lenses in a few different ways. You will want to review the options to ensure that you have the convenient method that works best for you.

  • Screw-on: The cover will screw into position by being threaded onto the front of the lens or the filter.
  • Slip-on: The cover will slide on and off of the equipment as needed.
  • Snap-on: The cover snaps into position and is then removed by squeezing the edges or the front, based on the design.
What are the different types of lens caps?

There are two main types of lens caps that you need to have on a lens. Each one is vital. However, you need to know which one you need in order to protect your camera lens effectively.

  • Front lens cap: The front lens cap goes on the front of the lens to protect the glass.
  • Rear lens cap: The rear lens cap goes on the rear of the lens to protect where it mounts to the camera.
What is a lens leash?

A lens leash is a common accessory packaged with a lens cap. One end is an elastic band that attaches to the circumference of the lens. The other end is adhesive and sticks to the cap. It ensures that the cap doesn't get lost while taking photos or while you view the scenery.

What are some of the different materials?

You will find that there are quite a few materials available for a Sony lens cap. Each one provides a function in one way or another.

  • Rubber: Flexible and lightweight.
  • Acrylic/hard plastic: Rigid and durable.
  • Metal: Heavier and unbreakable.
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