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A Buyer's Guide to Sony GV-D200

Consider Sony when shopping for video editing and viewing devices. The Sony GV-D200 is an all-digital solution Digital8 system that allows you to make the transition from analog to digital video with your video collection and video recording system. You can edit, playback, and transfer to your personal computer all your VHS video using the Sony GV-D20 built-in IEEE 1394 FireWire iLink interface. Here is everything you need to know before buying the Sony GV-D200.

Does the Sony GV-D200 play Video8, Hi8, or Digital8 videotapes?

The Sony GV-D200 is a recorder and player that allows you to play, record, edit, and dub Video8, Hi8, and Digital8 VHS videotape formats in high-quality playback. This unit has a small, compact Sony Walkman design and is easy to operate. With the Sony GV-D200, you do not need multiple VHS decks to play, edit, and record the various formats of VHS videotape.

Can you use this machine to save VHS to computer?

The Sony GV-D200 uses a built-in IEEE 1394 FireWire iLink interface to connect to a computer for the digital transfer of videotapes. You can also use this digital connection to dub high-quality audio and video between your personal computer, and the Sony GV-D200 to edit desired scenes from a recording. You can add all your VHS memories to your computer and take them with you everywhere you go using this device. All you need to do is connect and use the Sony DV-200 with your personal computer:

  • Software that can receive and send video signal
  • FireWire port for connection to the Sony GV-D200
  • IEEE 1394 FireWire iLink cable
How much manual editing can the Sony GV-D200 do?

You can manually manipulate video from VHS videotape with virtually no limitations using the Sony GV-D200. You can do such things as insert scenes onto a VHS from other VHS playback machines, capture and write to a computer from the GV-D200 while playing back from additional VCR units, dub only desired scenes from a video, cut out unwanted scenes, switch the order of scenes, make and superimpose titles, and much more.

Can you use the Sony GV-D200 with a remote control?

You can use the Sony GV-D200 with a compatible Sony remote control. In the settings, you can select which remote control you will use with the device. You can also use an AV cordless IR receiver to wirelessly connect and display your Sony GV-D200 on your television using Super LaserLink technology.

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