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Specialized Bicycle Rear Shocks

Specialized Bicycle Rear Shocks

The suspension system on your bicycle plays an important role in absorbing the shock from rough terrain. Having the right shock system can affect where your bike can go. Here are some questions that may come up in your selection of specialized bicycle rear shocks.

What are rear shocks?

Rear shocks are used on mountain bikes that have full suspension systems. Rear shocks are used to help keep the tire on the ground in rough terrain and also aid in control of your specialized mountain bike. Various designs and configurations are available and will be similar to the designs used on the front suspension.

How do you select a rear suspension system for bicycles?
  • Choose a shock style: You can choose from trail, enduro, and downhill designs.
  • Select a brand: Some brands, like Fox, offer a performance air series specialized for racing while others specialize in different areas.
  • Choose a spring system: Air-spring systems are designed for cross country and trail use. Downhill bikes mostly use a coil system. When selecting a rear suspension system, you should select the same style for the front.
  • Select a stroke length: This determines how much the springs compress when the wheels travel.
What types of rear suspension systems are available?
  • Trail system: This system uses an air-spring design and oil to dampen the terrain. Some trail systems will have a lockout switch where you can adjust the springs for uphill, downhill, and normal use.
  • Enduro system: This style will have an added oil reservoir designed for low and high-speed compression. This system will also utilize an air-spring design, and some models will have dials that allow you to adjust the rebound damping settings.
  • Downhill system: This system will utilize a coil spring made of steel or titanium. When selecting a downhill system, the shock size will be determined by your weight.
What should you consider when selecting rear shocks?
  • Fork style: The fork style matches the the rear suspension system. Forks vary by the amount of travel allowed and can range from 10mm and up.
  • Size and fit: Most sizes will be in metric measurements and will be used in selecting the size of the rear shocks. The fittings can be another area where the sizes will vary as well.
  • Shock style: Air-spring models can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the air pressure in the system. Coil springs are mounted externally and are designed for more intense use. Titanium springs, however, are used when the system needs to be lighter.