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Choosing Speck Apple iPhone 5s Cases

If you accidentally drop your phone while you are out and about, it's a comfort to know that it is okay when you pick it up. If you are considering a case for your iPhone 5s, you may be thinking about all of the different models and styles to choose from. A Speck Case for your iPhone 5s may be just what you are looking for.

What is a Speck case?

Cases from Speck offer a hard, plastic shell that fits over the back of the iPhone and covers the front edges of the phone as well as the power and volume buttons. It is designed to protect the phone from accidental drops and dings. This includes drops onto hard, flat surfaces that would ordinarily damage a phone without a protective covering.

What are some features of the Speck case for iPhone?

Speck cases offer a high amount of protection for phones like the Apple iPhone 5s. Some protective features are:

  • Designed with rubber strips on the case to add traction to your grip
  • Designed with sturdy material that is lab tested
  • Designed with a snug fit so your phone won't fall out of the case unless removed
  • Received high marks during military-grade drop tests
  • Comes with a rubber interior for added shock absorption
How does a Speck case fit an Apple iPhone 5s?

The shell is designed specifically for an Apple iPhone 5s and will not interfere with its operability. The shell is designed to protect the phone while allowing normal use. This means that it will not interfere with the operation of its camera or flash. It also designed to allow for easy operation of the volume and power buttons or affect the use of features that require access to the headphone jack or USB jack.

Are there different types of Speck cases that are compatible with an iPhone 5s?

Speck cases in this grouping are compatible with the Apple iPhone 5s as well as the iPhone 5. Some also fit the iPhone SE. Some of the different types of cases that are available for your phone include:

  • Fitted cases
  • Wallet cases
  • Bumper cases
What are some different types of Speck cases?

While they all offer the same protection, there are some slight variations. Fitted cases fit in one piece on your Apple iPhone 5s. Wallet cases offer a compartment to store an ID or credit card. Bumper cases are similar to fitted cases but also have the feature of added rubber on all the corners of the case, offering extra protection if the phone is dropped.

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