Sprints Dirt Oval Racing Parts

Sprints Dirt Oval Racing Parts

Dirt track racing is an exhilarating facet of the motorsports world. If youre getting into this kind of racing, then youll want to have plenty of replacement parts on hand to keep your go-kart in competitive shape. A few extra mounts and wheel struts will go a long way toward making you into your own pit crew.

Which classes of equipment can you find replacement pieces for?

Dirt oval racing equipment usually gets sorted by the type of chassis it fits onto. Many sprint cars feature unorthodox components, and the same goes for karting vehicles. Matching the appropriate class with the cars or bikes youre working on can help you to find the right type of racing gear youll need. Most dirt track gear falls under one of the following classes:

  • Go karting
  • Outlaws
  • Wingless sprint cars
  • Midget sprint cars
  • Late model stocks
What is a flat tracker?

A flat tracker is a motorcycle or go-kart thats been equipped for racing in oval events. Replacement parts carry the flat tracker rating if theyre made to withstand this type of a beating. Youll always want to make sure that you fit your flat tracker kart with components that are rated for this kind of running.

What kind of pedals do sprint cars use?

Since many of the vehicles used by drivers on the dirt oval series are quite small, all of the controls have to be sized down as well. You might find that your dirt oval racer uses standard chrome moly-type throttle assemblies, which are specially designed to keep dirt out of the running gear. If this is the case, then you merely need to take down the size when ordering new equipment. Vehicles that have miniature straight pedals need downsized components that come from suppliers closely connected with the series itself. Check the number on your control stand so you know what kind of equipment you need. These smaller pieces will strap right down to the chassis connected to the floor.

What kind of off-road tires do dirt series cars need?

Cars and bikes that race on dirt tracks both need special radial tires called knobbies. These tires have thick treaded seams that dig into the soft ground. This helps to provide additional traction in the kind of sloppy conditions that dirt drivers love. You may want to consider a second pair of mud tires that have even thicker treads since these can provide even better traction than knobbies under wet conditions.

What are USAC certified components?

The United States Auto Club officials sanction events on several circuits. They have fairly specific regulations about what kinds of components can go into the vehicles that competitors drive. Some components carry the USAC logo to let you know that they are OK for use with specific types of racing sanctioned by this body.