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Spyder Paintball Markers

Spyder Paintball Markers

When its time for a paintball battle, different types of players may need the tactical advantage of a solid paintball marker or gun that is created to waste no ammunition. Since 1992, the Kingman Group has produced paintball markers for the serious player. If players are ready to find a new gun, they might consider the Spyder line for the next scenario.

What types of Spyder paintball markers are available?

Spyder makes paintball guns for all players with almost all of their models designed for new and intermediate users. From training pistols to electronic and military styles, the guns have a solid appearance and are created to perform well.

  • Spyder Training 0.43 pistols: Known as the KT, the paintball guns are semi-automatic and use magazines that are fed by hand. This paintball gun is good for scenarios where all competitors use the same pistol.
  • Spyder 0.50 markers: The 0.50 paintball and paintball guns are meant to strike with less force, making them a hit with youth warriors as well as families.
  • Spyder 0.68 markers: One of the more advanced markers for paintball, the 0.68 has options such as electronic guns, pump-shot shooting, and high-quality scopes.
How do you clean a Spyder paintball gun?
  • Keep it safe: To avoid accidental firing of the Spyder during cleaning, remove the air cartridge and turn the safety to “on.”
  • Remove the barrel: When removing the barrel from the paintball gun, the marker should slide out as well. Keep these pieces in a safe place.
  • Remove the string: The string, bumper, and striker will need to be taken out after the barrel.
  • Clean the parts: Use paintball oil on all of the removed parts. Dont use other types of chemicals as they will cause damage to the pieces.
  • Replace the pieces: Place the clean parts back into the paintball gun. Test-fire the paintball gun to make sure that everything is working properly.
Does Spyder make different styles of grips for the gun?

If players decide that they would like a different grip style or design, they can exchange the previous grip for a new one. Other grip options include the ability to fold and adjust positions. Once they have their new grip, they can simply remove the old one and insert the new grip.

Are the Spyder markers compatible with holsters?

There are as many paintball gun holsters as there are markers. From hip, leg, and vest to shoulder holsters, the Spyder marker will be compatible with virtually all of them. Players can find a holster that is light enough not to weigh them down but is still durable enough to go the distance.

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