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Choosing the Right Sundial for Your Needs

Are you looking to add a new piece to your sundial collection? Do you want a unique decorative item to display in your garden? Whatever your needs, eBay offers a variety of vintage and contemporary sundials for sale.

What styles of sundials are available?

There are two main styles of sundials available on eBay UK: flat armorial and large armillary. Flat sundials are typically laid on the ground in your garden or hung on the wall, depending on the design. Some antique sundials are even pocket-sized to be used to tell time on the go. These compact versions are unique and an excellent choice for a sundial collection or for display in a smaller space.

Antique sundials are often made from cast iron, brass, bronze, or stone. Many of these antique dials have been restored to resemble their original condition. Some of these sundials were designed with a specific theme, such as birds or frogs. These themed dials usually have designs etched in the base of the dial or on the gnomon, which is used to cast the shadow. Replacement gnomon for sundials are also available on eBay.

Large sundials for display

If you need a statement piece for your garden, a large display sundial is a good choice. Many of these larger options are mounted on large pedestals of varying heights. Some are only about 30 centimetres tall, while others stand over 2 metres tall for a grand impression. These pedestals are available in a few different materials, including stone, wood, and iron. In some cases, the sundial on top is made of the same material, but it is more commonly made of a contrasting material.

On top of the pedestal is either a flat base or a large armorial sphere dial. These large spheres offer a more iconic sundial appearance, often including a large arrow in the centre. The armorial spheres are typically made from metal or brass to shine in the sunlight.

Contemporary sundials available

In addition to these traditional iron and brass sundials, contemporary sundial options are also available. These contemporary options are often made of glass, plastic, or metal. These sundials often include a digital display of the time in addition to the time reading from the sun. There are even a few 3D printed sundials that are available. These are a good choice for a contemporary look or to add to your sundial collection. Whether you want a sundial to tell time like people did in ages past or you just want a gorgeous statement piece for your home, there are a wide variety of affordable sundials on eBay.