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See Clearly With Swarovski El 10x42 Hunting Binoculars

The EL 10x42 offers an unparalleled viewing experience in the wild. You will be able to see every movement, all the time. Whether hunting or simply watching nature, the powerful Swarovski EL will deliver distant vistas into your view.

What are Swarovski binoculars?

The EL is a European-designed binocular set that is often used for hunting and bird watching. It has a double roof prism design and includes Swarovision, which is a field-flattening lens that helps with distortion. These sets are very comfortable with 20mm of foam around the eyepieces. They come with a Field Pro Package which includes a flexible strap connector, built-in objective lens covers, and a quick-adjust carrying strap.

What is Swarovision?

Swarovision is the system of field flattening with lenses made out of fluoride. It possesses special coatings and offers eye relief provided by 20mm eyepieces. These lenses optically flatten the field of vision so there is no pincushion distortion that is often present after preventing a panning view distortion in the optics. The fluoride provides high density and color fidelity by reducing chromatic aberration.

What does 10x42 mean when describing Swarovski sets?

Binoculars are classified by a set of numbers, such as 7x20 and 10x42, which designate the magnification and the objective diameter of the lens. For the 10x42, for example, the 10x magnifies the view by 10x and makes objects appear 10 times closer. A set of 7x20 binoculars are fine for casual use, but hunters will need 10x or higher. Anything greater than a 10x42 will probably require some type of tripod for steady support.

What are the main features of Swarovski sets?

New and used Swarovski EL 10x42 hunting binoculars are available on eBay. These affordable binoculars come with the following features:

  • Prisms - There are two types of prisms that are typically used: roof and porro prisms. Roof prisms have glass elements that are in line with each other, which makes the binoculars streamlined and easier to hold. Porro prisms have offset glass elements, which provide a greater width and depth of field.
  • Coatings - Lens coatings increase light transmission and contrasts and reduce glare. Prism coatings increase light reflection and provide enhanced brightness.
  • Focus - Most of these sets, including the Swavorski EL 10x42, have a center focus system with a wheel that is centered on the bridge. Individual focus provides separate focus for each eyepiece. The focus-free models do not have any focusing abilities.
  • Field or angle of view - This is the amount of viewable scenery measured horizontally.
  • Lens - These sets have an objective lens that is closest to the subject and an eyepiece lens that is closest to the eye.
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