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Swivel Chairs

Swivel seating is a versatile type of furniture for your home and office. The rotation feature adds flexibility and versatility to formal and casual seating. Available in many colors, fabrics, and leather, swivel chairs offer style for every occasion, making use of space and adding convenience to your indoor and outdoor furniture.

What are swivel chairs?

The key is a rotation feature that allows the seat to turn up to 360 degrees while the base remains stationary. You can get in the chair from all angles by turning it. Once seated, you can move in a circle without getting up. The swivel feature works well in nearly every room including home office, and outdoor living spaces. Many chairs offer wheels for mobility, durable fabrics, leather covers, and reclining features for long-term comfort and relaxation.

Are they formal or casual seating?

Manufacturers design models for all types of décor, and you can find a range of formal to casual models. Guest area seating includes traditional styles to modern designs and a wide range of leather and fabric covers. Similarly, casual models that swivel offer flexibility for use at tables or as side chairs. Swivel high-backs are good for entertainment areas and electronic gaming. Manufacturers make outdoor and utility seating with rotating seats and solid bases. These models have weather resistance to withstand the effects of wind, rain, heat, and cold.

What should you look for in home office seating?

When selecting a desk seat, you should consider the uses you will make. You should determine how much you would use it, the weight that it must support, and the needs for back and spine support. If you plan on using the seat for many hours each day, then you should consider a model rated for heavy usage. You can select ergonomic models that provide custom lumbar and neck support. Many office models offer height adjustments and adjustable armrests.

What are the features of a swivel chair?

Manufacturers offer designs in nearly every type of seating for the home. They include plush recliners, gaming stations, and movable office seating with ergonomic features. As office seating, they offer many features such as adjustable height and the ability to reach many areas without getting up.

Can you use swivel chairs in your bedroom?

Swivel chairs are helpful for saving space, since you will not have to move them to get up from table or desks or to face different directions. In bedrooms, they work well with vanities, desks, lamp tables, and offer seating for reading and viewing entertainment centers.