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Takamine Acoustic Electric Guitars

Takamine acoustic guitars, especially their acoustic-electric guitars, are globally respected and used by numerous artists in different music genres. The guitar company was founded in 1962, in Sakashita, Japan, at the foot of Mt. Takamine, the source for the company name.

What kinds of guitar models does Takamine offer?

Takamine offers a range of acoustic guitar and acoustic-electric guitar models in different tonewoods:

  • Tops: Bearclaw spruce, spruce, cedar, koa, figured ash
  • Back and sides: Rosewood, rosewood/maple, quilted maple, ovangkol, sapele, mahogany, nato, maple, koa, figured ash, cocobolo, and bubinga solid wood or laminate on some guitar models

There are also body sizes to suit different instrument sound and shape needs.

Takamine Guitar sizes are dreadnought, jumbo, NEX (mini jumbo), orchestra model (OM), FXC (grand concert), New Yorker (parlor), classical, FCN (nylon string FXC), acoustic bass, and ukelele. All Takamine acoustic-electric guitar models are available in natural or sunburst finishes, most with a cutaway option.

Takamine’s 6-string and 12-string acoustic-electric guitars and acoustic guitars come in series, ranging from Pro Series One to Seven regarding features, tonewoods, as well as their Limited Edition, acoustic bass, ukulele, and other acoustic instruments. All series have a dreadnought version except for the classical. All tops are solid spruce, and bodies are solid rosewood unless indicated.

What models of Signature Takamine guitars exist?
  • Pro 7: With CTP-3 Cool Tube preamp in jumbo and NEX
  • Pro 6: Maple 6 and 12-string in jumbo or NEX with CTP-3
  • Pro 5: Similar to the Series 7 with fewer cosmetic appointments
  • Pro 4: Sapele with CTP-3
  • Pro 3: Cedar and ovangkol, sapele or koa and CTP-3. In jumbo, dreadnought, mini jumbo, and New Yorker
  • Pro 2: Laminated sapele body with CT4B II preamp
  • Pro 1: Cedar top, laminated sapele body with CT4B II. In dreadnought, OM, jumbo, and mini jumbo
  • Classical and Hirade: Classical guitars with cedar top option. CTP-3 preamp with cutaway models
What are Takamine Legacy guitars?

Legacy: These reissues offer different best-selling past Takamine guitar models, some with decoration. These include:

  • EF261SAN: A red cedar FXC guitar used by Nils Lofgren
  • EF341SC: A black cedar and laminated maple dread favored by Bruce Springsteen
  • EF381SC: A laminated maple 12-string dread guitar in black
  • EF407: Slot head koa New Yorker guitar
  • EF508KC: Koa mini jumbo acoustic guitar
  • TF740FS: Takamine Tradesman slot head OM guitar in cedar and mahogany
  • TF77PT: Cedar and koa OM guitar
  • TSF40C: Cedar and mahogany mini jumbo guitar
  • TSF48C: Takamine Santa Fe mini jumbo acoustic-electric guitar
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