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tech21 Cell Phone Cases For Apple

Established in 2005, the New-York-based tech21 company takes pride in creating products that help protect the Apple iPhone as well as other cell phone brands. Consumers can find high-quality tech21 cases to protect their iPhone on eBay.

How Do tech21 Products Protect iPhones?

tech21 is constantly striving to continue being the leader in the cell phone protection industry. For this reason, it takes into account all the different ways that mishaps can occur to damage an iPhone. Here are a few of the different ways in which this line of products helps to protect iPhones:

  • Impact Protection: tech21 cell phone cases add a layer of durable protection to Apple iPhones to help guard against damages that can occur due to dropping the device.
  • Shock Resistance: iPhone users can breathe easier knowing that tech21 cases come with built-in shock-absorbing technology that buffers the cell phone from jars and bumps.
  • Screen Protection: tech21 cell phone cases come in choices that give Apple iPhone users screen protection capabilities that prevent the display from cracking.

Which Styles of Cell Phone Cases Are Available For iPhone Users?

tech21 manufactures cell phone cases for a wide variety of iPhones on the market. Here are some of the different tech21 cases available for various iPhone models:

  • Evo Elite Apple iPhone Cell Phone Cases: Consumers with an iPhone X can choose from a variety of cases, like the Evo Elite, that include the unique FlexShock drop protection capabilities as well as a scratch-resistant coating and Self-Heal impact shield. This case is available for the iPhone X, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s, among other iPhone models.
  • Evo Gem Apple iPhone Cell Phone Cases: Like other tech21 Apple cell phone cases, the Evo Gem offers advanced shockproof capabilities along with the Self-Heal impact shield in a slim design that allows users full access to the Lightning Port and other screen controls. The Evo Gem is compatible with a wide variety of iPhones, such as the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and other Apple iPhone models.
  • Impact Clear Apple iPhone Cell Phone Cases: This clear cell phone case utilizes the special BulletShield technology to protect the Apple device, which is comparable to the material used to make bullet-proof glass. This case also offers protection from scratches and UV yellowing. The Impact Clear cell phone case is compatible with a range of iPhones that include the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 product lines.

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