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Play a Reel Tape with a Technics Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

A reel-to-reel tape recorder is a fun way to play old media, and if you have any reel-to-reel tapes, you can make your own recordings with this device. You can find an affordable Technics reel-to-reel tape recorder on eBay. Here are a few things you should know before making your next purchase.

What is a reel-to-reel tape recording?

Reel-to-reel tape recording is also called open-reel recording. It is a form of magnetic tape recording. The recording tape is contained on a reel. The tape is brown in color because it is sealed in magnetized iron oxide dust particles. In order to record, the tape is pulled through a recording head. It is then magnetized by the signal from the microphone. The sound is converted into an electric signal that is amplified. From this, the signal is printed into the tape.

How is the tape fed into the machine?

Most reel-to-reel tape recorders have three heads. You can find a recording head, playing head, and erase head on most machines. All magnetic tape is fed from left to right. A reel recorder receives media from the first head. This tape is fed through the recording head. The tape usually ends at the playback head position. Some models do not have a separate erase head. In that case, the tape is threaded through the playback and recording heads. If you want to feed the tape into the machine, you need to thread the tape under the head cover. The tape will come out between the capstan and through the pinch roller. Your tape should pass under the guide roller switch. It will end up at the take-up reel position. Many models can use different types of reel tape.

What features can you find on a Technics reel player?

There are many different features that you can find on a reel player. Some of these features include:

  • Speed tape: Adjusts the tape_x001A_s speed
  • Capstan: Controls the feed of the tape speed
  • Pinch roller: Works with the capstan to pinch the tape
  • Index counter: Indicates where the track starts and ends
  • Various buttons: These include stop, pause, record, rewind, play, and fast forward
  • Levels: Output and input levels for adjusting the line and microphone
  • Inputs and outputs: RCA inputs and outputs for mixers
What models of Technics reel players are available?

Technics has many new and used models of reel-to-reel tape recorders available, which you can find on eBay. You can also find a vintage model for your home audio system. Some of these models include:

  • RS-1506
  • RS-1500
  • RP-9677
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