The North Face Petites abrigos, chaquetas y chalecos para Mujeres

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The North Face Petites Coats and Jackets for Women

The North Face makes rainwear, windwear, fleece, insulated, softshell, three-in-one, casual, and training jackets for women in petite sizes. Different configurations, materials and colors define each style. Understanding the properties of each can help you choose a jacket.

What are some features of rainwear jackets?

Many North Face women’s petite rainwear jackets include stretch materials like elastic and spandex. Gore-Tex material is inserted into the outer shell. Rainwear is equipped with hoods. Elastic cords help to cinch the hem, cuffs, and hood for the desired fit. Many rainwear garments also have zippered vents that can open along the sides of the garment.

What are the qualities of fleece designs?

Fleece jackets for petite women from The North Face provide torso coverage with a zip front and zip pockets at the front of the garment. Some include panels of water-resistant material. Stretch cuffs contain elastic as does the hem of the coat.

What do insulated coats entail?

Most of these coats for petite women by The North Face contain goose down insulation and recycled materials. Pocket distribution and location varies with the garment. Some jackets have hand warmer pockets built in.

What are softshells?

Softshell jackets are madewithout as much insulation as down designs. Some have mock turtlenecks while others include hoods. Each has a front-zip closure and an elastic cord that lets the wearer adjust the hem. These jackets allow room for layering.

What do three-in-one designs offer?

Three-in-one jackets have a separate shell and liner that can be worn together or separately. These designs allow for wind protection, rain protection, insulation or all three. They also feature vents under the arms and front-zip pockets and can retain heat when wet.

What designs does The North Face offer?

In addition to some level of insulation, they come with different types of closures. Colors, patterns and textures vary widely. Some are bomber-style, with a ribbed mock turtleneck and a front zipper while others resemble a pullover, quarter-zip parka. Others come with embellishments like contrasting color logos, quilting, and button or snap closures.

What are the features of North Face windwear?

North Face windwear for petite women is designed to limit wind penetration without extra insulation. Thin layers in this collection come in different lengths and shapes, some of which gather at the natural waist. Others fall straight from the shoulders to the hips.

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