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The Step Riser Sets

Step up to a more intense level of aerobic, fitness, and strength exercises with a riser set from The Step Company under your stepper. Whether you need to set a specific height on your aerobic fitness stepper platform as required by an advanced workout, or want to replace worn or misplaced risers, you can easily find what you need from this selection of riser sets manufactured by The Step Company.

The Step Company

Ray Irwin and Gin Miller, a collegiate gymnast and the creator of the original Step aerobic and fitness platform, found the American brand Step Fitness and Recreation Inc., also known as The Step Company, in 1989. The versatile and revolutionary platform did away with the need for bulky exercise equipment and costly gym memberships since anyone could use it for an aerobic step exercise or work out in the comfort and privacy of their home. While the early iteration of The Step original aerobic platform did not offer much beyond aerobic exercise, advances over the years now mean you can also shape and tone your muscles, improve your cardiovascular strength, increase your stamina, maintain your balance, and burn fat on the same platform depending on how you use it.

What Should I Expect To Get Out of My Riser Set By The Step Company?

Not only does the The Step riser set work on all types of floors, such as wood or concrete, it also offers the following benefits to you:

  • Multiple Height Options: Intensify your cardio workouts on the exercise stepper simply by adjusting the step's height with risers. Additional risers that you use provide you a 2-inch height gain on the stepper.
  • Non-Skid Feet: Each riser has four non-skid feet that keep it firmly in its place, and also prevent any sudden movement that may increase the risk of falls.
  • Tough Polyethylene Construction: Molded risers feature accurate detailing and easily absorb any impact. Using a set of risers on the exercise stepper also increases the stepper's capacity so that it can accommodate a greater weight.
  • Glove-Like Fit: The riser set fits the aerobic step like a glove to provide a stable foundation.

What Should I Consider When Looking For a Riser Set By The Step?

  • Get original aerobic risers in the same size as that of the stepper, which can either be in a compact circuit size or the larger professional size.
  • Only an aerobic step or stepper with the adjustable height feature can use the risers, so make sure to check this before buying the riser set.
  • Ensure that your aerobic step platform is compatible with the riser set because the riser needs to fit snugly under the step to give it, and you, a stable foundation.