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How to Buy a Tracfone Cell Phone Card

Did you just purchase a Tracfone cell phone and are wondering which card to get? Or perhaps you are wondering if there is a way to get a wider selection of plans at an affordable price. You will be glad to know that eBay has various selections of Tracfone cards you can choose from, and here is the information you need to know before you make your purchase.

In what denominations is the Tracfone card available?

Depending on whether you are adding a Tracfone card to a smartphone or feature phone, all services you purchase may or may not double or triple. In general, cards purchased for use with feature phones provide only the face value. Cards that are purchased for use with a smartphone provide double or triple value, depending on the specifications that are part of the specific cell phone you own. The following list summarizes examples of common card denominations and the services provided by each one.

  • $15 card - Provides 30 service days, 200 talk minutes, 500 texts, and 500MB of data.
  • $20 and $25 cards - Provide 30 and 60 service days, respectively; 300 and 500 talk minutes; 1000 texts; and 1.0GB and 500MB of data, respectively.
  • $35 and $45 cards - Provide 60 and 90 service days, respectively; both cards provide 750 talk minutes and 1000 texts; they provide 1.0GB and 1.5GB of data, respectively.
  • $50 card - Provides 90 service days, 750 talk minutes, 1500 texts, and 2.0GB of data.
  • $125 card - Provides 365 service days, 1500 each talk minutes and texts, and 1.5GB of data.
What perks are associated with purchase of a Tracfone card?

Every Tracfone card that you purchase for use with a smartphone will have double or triple value. This means that a 500-minute card will give you a total of 1,000 or 1,500 talk minutes, depending on the specifications accompanying the phone you purchased. You can also set up auto-refill and save on each months phone bill. Tracfone runs regular promotions, and using the codes they provide will result in considerable savings on refill cards, phones, and accessories.

What add-on cards are available for a Tracfone cell phone?

Tracfone add-on options include international calling cards, talk minutes, text messaging, and data cards. Add-on cards do not contribute service days to your existing plan and only provide additions to the actual service you are purchasing. Add-on cards apply to the specific service, and unused value cannot be applied to another service. The following list provides an overview of add-on cards you can purchase for your Tracfone.

  • Global calling
  • Data
  • Text messaging
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