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Trifari Fashion Pins and Brooches

Trifari Brooches are fashion accessories worn on clothes like jewelry. Early in history, they served a practical purpose of clipping and keeping clothes and garments together. Now, they are mainly used for fashion and to complete a look.

What is a Trifari Alfred Philippe pin brooch?

A Trifari Alfred Philippe pin brooch is a type of brooch that is not a clip-on. It has a pin with which it is pinned onto clothes. A small needle that is like a safety pin is on the back side of the decorative part.

What are Trifari Alfred Philippe pin brooches made of?

Trifari Alfred Philippe pin brooches are made using mainly metal. Decorative elements such as enamel or rhinestone may be present, but the main body of the brooch is made of plated and toned metals like gold and silver.

What are silver or gold tone Trifari brooches?

Silver or gold tone jewelry is jewelry that has no actual silver or gold in its content. It is made to look like gold or silver with the help of other metals that resemble silver or gold.

Silver or gold-plated jewelry may also be referred to as silver or gold overlay or fill. The gold or silver plate is when there is actual silver or gold covering a metal alloy underneath. To be considered plated, the jewelry requires that the covering of the precious metals over the alloy underneath is at least .175 microns of thickness, and that if it is gold, it is above 10 karat fineness.

What other kinds of elements do Trifari pins also have?

Trifari pins also have rhinestones, faux pearls, enamel covering, moonstone, crystals, and pearls as parts of their decoration.

Rhinestones and rhinestone accents are common decorations on Trifari pins. Rhinestones are simulants of a diamond. They are made using artificial substances. Rhinestones can be produced in many different colors and hues, and they have a distinct glitter to them.

What is faux pearl?

As the \"faux\" word meaning \"fake\" hints, these pearls are not real or made by clams. They are made by people. The technology they are produced with involves dipping beads into a pearl solution that covers the bead with a fine pearl film. After that, the pearls are polished and ready to be used.

What is Crown Trifari?

Crown Trifari brooches of the Trifari mark are a section of the specialized costume brooches of the brand. They were originally made in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Crown Trifari brooches were so prevalent that the Trifari brand made the collection into a signature mark that has its own stamp.

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