Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy’s line of makeup, perfume, and beauty supplies is founded on the principle that makeup has power, inside and out. As a makeup artist in the 1970s, McEvoy became frustrated with the limitations of the makeup tools available to her. Starting with custom-trimmed paintbrushes, McEvoy’s line of makeup and skincare items has made her one of the leading names in personal makeup.

What Trish McEvoy makeup products are available?

Though McEvoy originally made brushes and similar tools, she expanded into makeup and skincare, the latter developed with dermatologist Dr. Ronald Sherman. Trish McEvoy products are suitable for use on the lips, around the eyes, and on all other parts of the face. Each product comes in colors to match many skin tones. Trish McEvoy makeup and skincare products include the following:

  • Eye Base Essentials: This is a liquid eye foundation that helps your regular eye shadow last longer without affecting its color.
  • Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Color: This twist-up stick comes in a texture suitable for both lips and cheeks.
  • Beauty Balm Instant Solutions SPF 35: This all-in-one cream helps to protect, hydrate, and improve skin texture over time.
  • Weekend Bronzer: This shimmering powder can help deepen and warm the complexion.
  • Trish: This signature fragrance features top notes of musk, almond flowers, and blue lotus. It also has middle notes of tonka beans and white amber, and base notes of cashmere musk and Indian sandalwood.
What beauty tools are available?

Most people know Trish McEvoy for its beauty tools that help you create the look you want in less time. Its range of brushes allows you to apply and blend both liquids and powders in a variety of brushstrokes, from precise lines to broad applications of foundation and blush. Trish McEvoy also offers sponges, sharpeners, curlers, and signature makeup planners.

What should you look for when buying makeup?

The most important things to look for when buying makeup are colors that complement and enhance your skin and eye color. Colors that are too contrasting can look artificial, and a poorly matched foundation can create a mask-like line around the edge of your face. If you have allergies or sensitivities, read ingredient lists carefully before purchasing. The right brushes and sponges can help create smoother and more natural looks.

What are the benefits to getting a kit?

Getting a Trish McEvoy beauty kit gives you the benefit of trying several different products and colors. Sets can include two or more shades of each product and a range of brushes for application. They’re a way to test colors and types of products.

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