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Under Armour Men's T-Shirts

Under Armour Mens T-Shirts

Designed for performance and endurance, Under Armour mens T-shirts, whether long or short sleeve, offer a stylistic approach to athletic clothing. With a wide variety of styles and options, when choosing an Under Armour men’s T-shirt, there are several considerations worth noting.

What weather conditions can Under Armour T-shirts withstand?

Under Armour men’s T-shirts are designed for a range of weather conditions. While the construction is primarily made for warmer weather, select styles offer specific materials suitable for any season. Considering a tee is primarily worn during hotter months, these products are categorized by Under Armour as part of its Heat Gear product line. They provide the following features:

  • Lightweight and durable material that supports body movement during intense activities
  • T-shirt fabric that features a specific weave pattern designed to support enhanced air flow to your torso
  • Fabric that is made out of a proprietary quick-drying material
What are the different Under Armour T-shirt fits?

Under Armour T-shirts use the brands environment-specific fitting. Instead of a standardized fit based on gender and size, these shirts are available in different fits, which include:

  • Compression - Designed to compress your torso, this shirt fit is intended for athletic use or during workouts.
  • Fitted - While not as snug as the compression shirts, these tees are designed to form around your natural curves. They are primarily used for light exercise.
  • Semi-Fitted - This fit is looser than the aforementioned shirt designs.
  • Loose - This shirt fit offers the most concentration of fabric for a loose fit. Unlike other styles, which are geared more toward athletic use, this design is appropriate for casual and non-performance wear.
What types of fabric does Under Armour use?

Under Armour uses five fabrics in its collection of T-shirts. Each fabric type is intended for specific uses based on environment and activity.

  • UA TNP - A synthetic material designed to wick moisture away from your body. It features 30+ UPF sunlight protection and anti-odor coatings that inhibit bacteria responsible for odor.
  • UA Tech - It mimics the softness of cotton with the durability of synthetic fabric and is found primarily in Heat Gear T-shirts. It also offers moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • Heat Gear Touch - Lightweight synthetic material with added designs, such as rolled shoulders, as well as anti-odor features.
  • Charged Cotton - Natural cotton material with enhanced drying capabilities and a comfortable fit.
  • UA Catalyst - Manufactured out of recycled plastic bottles, its a lightweight fabric with 50+ UPF sunlight protection.
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