Vehículos utilitarios

Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles are capable of navigating harsh terrain while carrying heavy loads. This is why they are frequently used in farming, construction work, and off-road racing. This guide will help you choose a UT that is suitable for your purposes and personal preferences.

What are some of the ways UTs are used?

These vehicles are made for off-road driving. They have multiple functions. Here are some various uses of UTs:

  • They are used by armies all around the world.
  • They are used in the construction industry.
  • They are used on farms.
  • They are used to transport cargo.
  • They are used to tow other kinds of vehicles.
What are the different types of UTs?
  • Armored utility vehicle: These are the types of motor vehicles which are used in the military. This vehicle type includes tanks and trucks.
  • Sport utility vehicles: These UTs are built with a light chassis. They are usually 4-wheel drive vehicles and are specifically designed for off-road use. SUVs also have high seating capacity and are commonly used for family outings.
  • Multi-utility vehicles: These have a wide range of uses including plenty of room for passengers and luggage.
  • Crossover utility vehicles: These have limited off-road capabilities
  • Light equipment: These vehicles can be used on all types of terrain. An example of this utility vehicle is the Kawasaki Mule.
Which companies manufacture utility vehicles?

Utility vehicle manufacturers include:

  • Arctic Cat: This Company is known for making snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. They produce many utility vehicle models which include the HDX 700 SE Hunter Edition, the HDX 700 XT, the HDX 500 XT, the HDX 700 Crew XT and the HDX 700 Special edition.
  • Honda: This company is best known for manufacturing motorcycles and cars. It also produces utility vehicles. Their models include the Pioneer 500, the Pioneer 700 and the Pioneer 1000.
  • Yamaha: Yamaha UT models include the Viking EPS SE, the Viking EPS, the Viking, the Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition, the Viking VI EPS SE, the Viking VI EPS, the Viking VI and the Wolverine R-Spec EPS SE.
  • Polaris: Their models include the Rail, the High-Performance, the General Rec UT, the Ranger Rec and the Polaris ACE.
  • Kawasaki: Kawasaki is known for manufacturing UTs, motorcycles, and defense equipment. Some of its vehicles include the Mule Pro Series and the Mule pro diesel.
  • Bobcat: This American company is mostly known for producing farming and construction tools. Their UTV models include the Bobcat 3400, 3400 XL, 3600 and 3650.