VHS Video Tape Media Cases and Storage

There are several ways to store your VHS tapes and other film media. The rectangular box shape of the VHS media storage format means you can store several tapes in a larger box, but there are other options available to you. Knowing what products there are and how to store your video tapes can help you organize your collection of archived footage.

What types of VHS storage boxes are there?

VHS video tape media cases and storage come in different sizes and configurations. Depending on the size of your VHS film collection, you may want to purchase containers that hold only a few video tapes or many at once. Storage units for these tapes also come in different materials and colors in order to meet a variety of needs and tastes. Some containers available to store your films include the following list.

  • Large cases that can hold several tapes at once.
  • Small packs that can hold a few tapes, such as the cassette storage '3-pak' lot.
  • An individual sleeve that holds a single video.
  • Carrying cases that feature a handle so you can take your collection with you.
  • Some containers are made to look like something else, such as a furniture drawer.
What is the large VHS storage container like?

If you have a big collection of videos, a large container may suit your needs. You can purchase a tape organizer lot with two containers in it. Both containers meet the specifications listed below.

  • Units are made from a combination of clear PVC and opaque canvas. The clear plastic on the sides of each unit allows you to see what videos you have inside without needing to open it.
  • A zipper holds the bags closed securely until you need to use them. They also include dividers to help you further organize your films and maintain a structure.
  • Each bag is approximately 19 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 8 inches tall.
  • A total of 30 VHS tapes can be held using both bags.
What individual holder options can you buy?

If you have only a few VHS films you'd like to keep, individual cases may fit your needs. Most individual VHS sleeves come in black, although other colors such as teal, white, clear, or light green are also available for purchase. These sleeves come in a clamshell configuration. The VHS tapes themselves will sit in the recessed bottom half of the storage unit while the top half closes over them to provide a complete cover. Drawers made of faux wood provide you with a way to hold one or many VHS tapes. These items are solid rather than transparent, so they will not look half-empty if you have only a few videos to keep.