Velvet Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are perfect for storing your jewelry collection. Not only are they a useful storage option, but they keep your jewelry protected and clean when not in use. Whether you need to store your rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or other jewelry, there is a jewelry box or organizer to match your needs. Jewelry boxes and organizers can be kept on a countertop in your bedroom, in a drawer or armoire, or anywhere else you wish for it to be secured or on display.

What Jewelry Box Styles are Available?

Different storage options are available to fit different types of jewelry. Jewelry storage is often decorated or etched with carvings, rather than purely functional.

  • Jewelry boxes include velvet necklace boxes, velvet ring boxes, velvet earring boxes, musical jewelry boxes, musical ballerina jewelry boxes, and wood jewelry boxes. Many are sized and shaped differently. The boxes may also vary in color, with black and white commonly used, and feature different materials and inserts.
  • Jewelry storage is made easy with jewelry organizers. They come in all sizes to fit every piece of jewelry you own. Some organizers are upright with hooks and large enough that your necklaces can be hung neatly.
  • Trays and trinket holders put your jewelry on display while keeping it neatly together.
  • Other jewelry storage options may include travel cases, jewelry gift boxes, jewelry trees, and even pouches.
  • Some storage may include a mirror.

What Materials Are Jewelry Boxes Made From?

The materials used to make jewelry boxes and organizers vary depending on the style of the box or container as well as any decorative embellishments included.

  • Wood: Wooden jewelry boxes are the most common. They are sturdy and often feature velvet lining or other lining materials.
  • Cardboard: Others may be made from cardboard.
  • Metal: Metal or wire may be used for jewelry trees to hang your jewelry from.
  • Velvet: Pouches are made from velvet or other material that will prevent your jewelry from being scratched.

What Should I Line my Jewelry Box With?

You may want to consider adding a protective layer to your jewelry box for added padding and to avoid scratches on your jewelry.

  • Many jewelry boxes come with their own lined interiors, meaning you won't always have to line your jewelry box yourself.
  • Adding velvet or felt to the base of your jewelry box is a popular option. These materials are used predominantly because of their soft texture. Before inserting the velvet or felt, measure the inside of your jewelry box and cut some poster board to size. Cut the velvet or felt to match the poster board piece and glue it on. Let it dry and then insert the poster board with velvet or felt into your jewelry box.
  • Other materials that can be used include fabric, leather, cotton, or silk, each providing a different look and texture.