Vintage Mountain Bikes

Vintage Mountain Bikes

Bike enthusiasts are very particular about their bikes, their accessories and the care and maintenance routines for their beloved bikes. Vintage mountain bike enthusiasts are even more careful about their bicycles because of the value and sentiments associated with the unique and classic models. These bikes dont only provide smooth rides on mountainous terrains but also provide a unique and classic look as compared to the contemporary mountain bike models available.

How to choose the perfect Vintage Bike?

To ensure that you choose the perfect vintage model bike, make sure to do your research before making a purchase.

  • Clarity on timelines and models: First of all, be sure of what vintage timeline suits your fancy. Once you are clear on what years model you want, then choose the kind of suspension and wheel size that you want.
  • Clarity on bike build: You also have to be clear on what sort of bike material you want. You can choose from steel, aluminium and composite mountain bikes. Most old bikes have classic steel frames as they provide for smoother rides.

What are the Different Types and Designs of Vintage Bikes?

Mountain bikes are available in a lot of different designs and types. Some of the features of different designs are as follows:

  • Wheel and frame sizes: Vintage models have different wheel sizes such as 26 and 27 inch wheels.  Frame material of each mountain bike is also different and it can be colored and custom coated as per the bike enthusiasts preferences. Frame sizes of each bike are also different and bike users can choose them as per their built and ride preferences. The frame size of mountain bikes range from 18 inches to 50 inches.
  • Colors and designs: These bicycles are also available in a large range of colors. However, when looking for vintage models, if you find the perfect mountain bike however, if you are dissatisfied with the color, you can always get a custom paint job for your bike to make it reflect your style.  Some mountain bicycles are designed specifically for different genders whereas some bikes are unisex.

Why Prefer a Vintage Mountain Bike Over a Commercial Mountain Bike?

The ride experiences of both commercial and vintage bicycles are the same. However, people choose the vintage models because of the following reasons:

  • Aesthetic appeal and sentimental value: People choose vintage models because of their aesthetic appeal and the sentimental value.
  • Retro taste: People who have much more vintage, nostalgic and retro tastes are often the biggest buyers of such models as they like their vehicles to have a certain style and portray a retro image.

Vintage and retro models are available in a lot of different brands, however, make sure that the vehicle you are purchasing is completely functional and rust free before finalizing the purchase. Also, try looking for vendors who can offer a trial ride before the final payment.