Layla WWE Diva Wrestling Fan Apparel and Souvenirs

Layla El, the WWE finals women's champion, is petite at her 5-foot height but packs a lot of power. Her headshots, souvenirs, and other merchandise celebrate the WWE Diva in sizzling poses. Selfies, studio photos, and art prints of Layla show this member of the WWE Divas both inside and outside the ring.

What photos of Layla and the other Divas are available?

You can find signed pictures and licensed prints of Layla and the WWE Divas. Find unique editions of the star's time as Women's Champion, British Women's Champion, and more. Here are some types of memorabilia you can find:

  • WWE Divas in group shots will round out your collection.
  • Casual snaps and selfies show the British Women's Champion in bikinis, jeans, and Assassin's Creed wear.
  • You can get WWE pictures from the ring, championship images, and commemorative prints signed by Layla.
Is there a difference between non-licensed and WWE-licensed merchandise?

WWE-licensed merchandise offers approved photos of the 5-foot-tall star in her championship time. You can also see her with other WWE Divas individually or in a group. Other licensed merchandise includes poker chips, clothing, and commemorative-display items, like prints and posters.

Divas in licensed prints may be seen with the WWE logo, RAW logo, and trademarks. Non-licensed prints and photos of Divas can still offer studio portraits and selfies taken on personal time. Casual or group photos feature the Divas, including this champion and other favorites.

What other collectibles are available for WWE fans?

Dress like your favorite star in a replica championship belt, ring, or costume. Find an unsigned plaque or signed art prints of the winning Diva from the 2006 Diva Search. You could add to your collection with a series of photos of this member of the Divas when she won the $250,000 prize as the 2006 Diva Search winner. Some other ideas include:

  • Surprising your friends by dressing up as one of the Divas for Halloween or a costume party.
  • Finding a wrestling boot to fit your foot in this Diva's colors, like the Union Jack or turquoise blue.
  • Looking for vinyl Diva figures to decorate your room with great WWE memories.
  • Wearing T-shirts, hoodies, and special commemorative edition tanks to show off your wrestling-entertainment enjoyment.
What are some other available Divas souvenirs?

WWE-licensed merchandise and Layla-inspired artwork depict victorious moments and poses from her memorable career. Find a plaque with a ring for an enjoyable keepsake that will remind you of the WWE Finals Women's Champion, Layla El.

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