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Wouxun Battery and Charger Options to Keep You on the Air

Wouxun is the brand name of a company that sells budget-friendly yet powerful amateur radios. They are great starter radios for new amateur radio operators because they are powerful and have many of the same capabilities of the more established brand names. Wouxun batteries and chargers will keep your radio running in all situations, and with the many options on eBay, you can quickly find what you need.

What types of Wouxun batteries and chargers are available?

At eBay, there are several types of Wouxun battery and charger configurations to meet your needs. Some of your options are detailed below:

  • Lithium ion: You can find Li-ion batteries from 1700 to 3200 milliamps, depending upon the radio.
  • Battery cases: Cases that allow you to power your radio with AA batteries.
  • Desktop chargers: Desktop chargers for your Wouxun radio.
  • Battery eliminators: These battery eliminators will allow you to power your Wouxun radio from the 12-volt DC socket in your car.
How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?

This, of course, depends on the specific battery, but in general, if your radio is completely out of power, it will take from 2 to 4 hours to get a full charge. Fortunately, many of these chargers allow you to charge a spare battery at the same time so you can always have back up power.

How many AA Batteries do the AA battery cases take?

The AA battery cases take five AA batteries to power the radio. The five AAs won't last as long as the OEM lithium-ion battery, but they will get you through an emergency. Battery length may depend upon how much transmitting you are doing as opposed to listening.

How do you operate these radios?

The amateur radio frequencies will allow you to either talk from radio to radio or through a repeater. The latter provides better distance coverage. The FRS and GMRS frequencies are only from radio to radio and are more limited in their distance of transmission.

Some amateur radio operators use these radios as back-ups but many use these as their main radio. Even people who are not licensed are permitted to use these radios in listening mode, but to send messages, it does require a license. Some people program them like a scanner to monitor police, fire, and other service providers. Some people use them in order to have a radio that a family member can legally use in the case of an emergency, such as when the cell phone towers go down. They operate on UHF and VHF frequencies and can work on FRS and GMRS frequencies.

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