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Zeiss Lenses for Bright, Precise Images

Sony produces cameras that can have different lenses placed on them to change picture options. Buying Zeiss lenses for your camera changes its optical performance so that you can produce different types of images whether you're experimenting with a subject or trying to capture a breathtaking landscape.

What are the different lens formats?

The two mounts available are:

  • E-mount: This type of mount is available for compact camera models. It is designed for the NEX and ILCE series of camcorders and cameras without mirrors. The E-mount has no mechanical aperture and focus drive, and it shortens the flange focal distance and reduces the flange radius.
  • A-mount: This is a mount for DSLRs of a regular size. The mount is compatible with all Sony A-system cameras.
What is the focal length of the Zeiss lenses?

?he focal length is the measurement of the space between the image sensor and the lens when the image is focused. Different focal lengths include:

  • 20 mm.
  • 24 mm.
  • 24-70 mm (zoom lenses).
  • 28 mm.
  • 35 mm.
  • 50 mm.
  • 85 mm.
  • 135 mm.
What is the aperture of a Zeiss lens?

The aperture of Zeiss lenses is the hole through which the light travels. The aperture in photography shows how collimated the rays entering the lens are. The narrower the aperture is, the sharper the focus is going to be. The different maximum apertures for Zeiss lenses are:

  • f/1.4.
  • f/1.8.
  • f/2.
  • f/2.8.
  • f/3.5.
  • f/4.

Larger numbers are also produced. With every higher number, the aperture decreases and allows 50% less light than the previous number.

What types of focus do Zeiss lenses have?

The focus is the act of bringing an image into clarity. Some lenses incorporate optical image stabilization technology to reduce blur. The different types of focus systems the lenses can have are:

  • Autofocus: This focuses on its own once the image is brought upon it and the camera has stopped moving.
  • Manual: The focus is achieved by adjusting the front part of the lens by hand.
  • Auto and manual: This lens has both options.
  • Fixed: The focus is fixed at one position.
What are the different types of Zeiss lenses?

The different types of lenses are categorized according to the images they are meant to capture:

  • High-resolution: These lenses offer high-contrast rendition and reduce the level of stray light to deliver high-quality images.
  • Macro/close-up: These are useful for extreme close-ups.
  • Portrait: These are designed to bring out the best in portrait subjects by manipulating sharpness, soft focus, and contrast.
  • Standard: These lenses are for general use.
  • Telephoto: These are good for portraits, low-light images, and close subjects.
  • Ultra-wide angle: These lenses are useful for shooting big panoramas.
  • Wide-angle: These are helpful for landscapes and enclosed spaces.
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