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A Close-Up Look at Zoom Fishing Crankbaits

Water offers you a mix of different currents and depths to fish. These changes call for something that swims where you know the fish are. eBays listings of new and used Zoom crankbaits cover a wide spectrum of water conditions, so you can have effective lures for various fishing conditions.

Do these lures resemble actual fish?

The crankbait is a type of lure that takes on the shape of actual fish and even embodies a swimming motion as you retrieve it. Zoom crankbaits can help you duplicate wild species of fish and how they move or behave. These crankbaits are made from solid plastics, which enable you to use them without frequent needs for replacements. They can withstand fish with sharp teeth and are painted to capture the reflections of moving fish scales.

Where to place your bait for maximum results

You can cover every angle the water presents with affordable Zoom crankbaits, for each takes into account these conditions:

  • Depth: The lip of the bait dictates how deep a specific lure goes. Larger and wider lips go deeper, while short and narrow lips are for surface fishing or keeping a lure just beneath the surface.
  • Movement: Basic movements include a wide side-to-side action, a medium action, and a very still action. Each mimics the way a fish swims.
  • Weight: Some crankbaits are weighted to give you the most support when casting. These lures reach farther and can stay submerged in water without floating back up.
  • Hooks: Two pairs of treble hooks are the standard for Zoom crankbaits; they connect to an anchor in the middle of the body and another anchor for a hook at the tail.
  • Eyes: The eyes of these lures are designed to get fish to bite by being large, easy targets they can aim for.
Some Zoom crankbait designs

Your Zoom crankbaits may display some of the following patterns:

  • Golden Craw: This is a baitfish pattern with golden scales that reflect like highly polished metal.
  • Tennessee Shad: This is another reflective body but made in silver to resemble live shad from fresh water.
  • Red Crab: Despite its name, the Red Crab looks like a black and red shad, but its colors are reminiscent of shellfish.
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