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Buyer's Guide to Chargers and Sync Cables for Nabi Tablets and e-Readers

Most digital tablets and e-readers are built to last a long time, which means they often outlast the charging cords they come with. If you need an additional cord or a replacement unit for your tablet, you may have a few questions before making your purchase decision. Here are some important factors to consider before buying a replacement tablet charge cord on eBay.

Which charger do you need?

The Nabi 2 tablet has its own charging kit. A 10-foot-long cord and a car adapter is included in the kit. The 2s model is also compatible with the DreamTab charger. The reason that the Nabi 2 and the 2s cord inputs are different is because the 2s was released after the 2 model. The Nabi Connector is the primary compatible charger for the 2s model.

How do you choose a charger for your specific tablet?

There are three main charger types for these tablets: the Nabi Connector, the DreamTab charger, and the charger kit replacement. Keep in mind that some charger cords do come with different adapters for power outlets, including car adapters, wall adapters, USB adapters, and kits with multiple connections and carrying cases. This gives you flexibility in choosing how you would like to charge your tablets. You can find your model tablet in the list section below to find the corresponding replacement charging unit:

  • Nabi Connector: The Nabi Connector works with the Nabi Jr. (4 GB), Nick Nabi Jr. (16 GB), DreamTab (16 GB), Nabi XD (16 GB or 32 GB), and 2S (16 GB).
  • Charging kit: The official charge kit with the optional car adapter works with the Nabi 2 (8 GB) and the BigTab (16 GB).
  • DreamTab charger: The DreamTab charger works with the DreamTab series of tablets as well as the 2s model.
What does OEM mean for Nabi tablet chargers?

The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the same manufacturer that created the original charging cord also created the charger in question. This should give you peace of mind knowing it is the same charger in design and quality that came with your original Nabi tablet.

Are there different lengths for replacement charger cords?

Yes, there is a wide selection of charging cord replacements on eBay for every tablet model, many of which vary by length. You can find the length you desire for your specific tablet up to 10 feet. There are also 6-foot-long charging cords and 3-foot-long charging cords.