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Pediped Shoes for Babies

Pediped designs shoes specially designed for children of various ages. Their shoes provide protection or children’s feet against outside elements. They are also designed for comfort and aesthetics.

How can you choose Pediped shoes for your child?

Choosing shoes for little feet requires some extra thought. Children learn to walk first in their bare feet, but outside the house, they need shoes for protection. You will want to mimic the barefoot experience as much as possible to help your child learn to walk. Pedipeds have wide soles to allow toes to grip the ground effectively, as flexible soles are designed to create a barefoot experience. The uppers are made of leather or other natural fabrics for flexibility and comfort.

  • Soles: The soles should be flexible and provide a nonskid grip, with ridges for traction. Bend the soles to make sure they flex and are not too stiff. Pediped offers flex.
  • Material: You want a soft leather or cloth that is breathable and allows for easy movement. If a material is too rigid, it can tamper with foot growth and development. Pediped products are made of natural materials.
  • Size: Although it may be tempting to buy things a little larger so that your kid has room to grow, it is important that shoes fit properly. There should be a little wiggle room, but not so much that the foot slides around in the shoe. Once the shoe gets a little tight, it is time for a new pair.
How do you wash Pediped shoes?

Carefully read all care instructions on the Pediped product before washing.

  • Machine washable: Remove insoles and place in the washer. Allow to air dry before replacing insoles.
  • Top grain leather: Use mild soap and water to wipe clean, or use baby wipes.
  • Suede or nubuck: To clean suede or nubuck, you will need a suede or nubuck eraser. Pass the eraser back and forth over any marks to remove them.
  • Other fabrics: Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap and then air dry.
What styles of shoes does Pediped make for little ones?

Pediped shoes for baby and toddler boys and girls include:

  • Pediped baby: Shoes for girls include sandals, Mary Janes, booties, sneakers, and more. For boys, there are booties, sneakers, and sandals. Footwear styles ranges from dressy to casual so that the shoes can match to any outfit. Shoes flex for moving feet.
  • Pediped toddler: Pedipeds for toddlers are geared toward learning to walk and then keeping up with your toddler on the move. This Pediped footwear has flex, wide bases, and good traction. Shoes for girls include sandals, Mary Janes, boots, and sneakers. Boys have the options of sandals, sneakers, and boots.