Portable/Rolling Desks

Choosing a Portable Rolling Desk

There can be many reasons for choosing a portable rolling desk. You may have limited space for a full-sized desk or want the flexibility to be able to move your computer desk around a room. You may want a desk or table that is adjustable to different heights and positions that will fit over a bed, or for use while sitting in a lounge chair or on a sofa.

What Types of Portable Rolling Desks Are There?

Rolling desks usually have swivel castor wheels for easy mobility. You will find mobile rolling desks in a range of configurations.

  • Writing: Rolling writing desks usually have a large tabletop, giving you room to spread out paperwork and/or equipment. They may or may not have built-in drawer space underneath.
  • Laptop Desks: Rolling laptop models occasionally have the structure to fit under a bed, or beside a chair, or the user sits front. Dedicated laptop desks may be adjustable so you can fix your keyboard and screen position.
  • Computer Desks: Computer desks often have one or more shelves or drawers to store any computer peripherals and printers.
  • Standing: Standing models are often a good ergonomic option for people deskbound for much of their day. If you like to alternate between sitting and standing, a mobile standing desk can be wheeled in as when you need to stretch your legs and stand-up.
  • Folding: With a folding desk or table, you can easily store it away when it is not in use.

What are Portable Rolling Desks For?

People utilize portable rolling desks for all types of tasks and activities in workplaces and at home.

  • In The Workplace: Portable rolling desks are ideal in a workplace where people are engaged in different tasks or are in and out of the office. As they are mobile, they can roll out and away when and where you need.
  • In Your Living Room: A portable rolling desk s better for your posture if you use your laptop while seated in your lounge. Different models will slide under, to the side or in front of other furniture.
  • For Hobbies: When you have hobbies that need a flat surface to work on, taking up the dining room table for days is not always the ideal option. Rolling tables can move into a corner as a side table when you are taking a break, or stay in a spare room.
  • Home Office: Space can be at a premium for anyone with a home office, or with job flexibility to sometimes work remotely from home. A portable stand for your electronic devices can keep your "work" to one area of your home.
  • In Bed: Overbed tables are ideal when you are feeling unwell, caring for someone else who is, or simply like to like in bed with your laptop or have breakfast in bed.